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We wish to thank you most graciously for your continued trust in our products. The last one year, we have engaged in extensive research which has resulted in ensuring that you continue to enjoy unparalleled quality products and service.  As your publisher of choice, we have continuously listened to your needs, which is the main drive in our product research and development. The materials are up to date, authored by experienced writers and perfected by our well trained editors, all aimed at ensuring that you get the very best.

A lot of care has been taken to ensure that the products are “TEACHING COMPANIONS” with the overall function of supporting the teacher in the class room. Our products are also learner centered which helps in building confident learners. We have as much as possible put in parent or guardian involvement because this is the only way we can make learning at the Basic Education Level relevant, effective and fun for the young ones. All the materials have employed the logical learning process of “KNOWN TO THE UNKNOWN”.

MTP Competency based curriculum books are developed to aid in the implementation of the Basic Education Curriculum. The books are designed with a variety of learning experiences, assessment, resources, and links the topics to values, Pertinent and Contemporary Issues (PCI) and to other subjects. 

Finally, let me take this opportunity to re-affirm our commitment to quality products and service, as we undertake together the journey of educating, informing and entertaining. We trust that you will enjoy our products to the fullest. Our sales and marketing team is always at hand to attend to you. Feel free to call us on the numbers provided on the contact page. You may also engage us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We thank you for choosing us and we look forward to a long lasting relationship as we endeavor to educate and inform.